Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hmmm. What is it? A Rosenbaums? A Boerhaave's?
Just a nice old schnapps. Oh well!
Nice early find Dale !


  1. That hole was loaded...with boulders. The pic was taken at 7 feet and I was alone. It got so exhausting to continually yard 100 lb round granite boulders up and out of the hole, I was starting to get chest pains and the seeing spots .The few bottles which were intact were perfect, but most were blasted. I had dug some black Hostetter's panels, and 3 more broken Schnapps. That was it. Lot's of work for an olive common square, but quite frankly I would take that any day over a jammed late pit. Maybe the next hole will have my black Rosenbaum's! DM

  2. Reminds me of a 7' deep pit I dug just a few wks ago..... jammed full of rocks & boulders and broken Schnapps.... save for an intact Voldner's, Udolphos and PGW soda ! The age and "squareness" was definetly a rush though,,,, as almost anything in the Western Bitters realm could've been possible at that point !!