Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dr. Champlain's

Awhile back there was a posting on the Dr. Champlain's Ligneous Extract. These are crude and relatively early western medicines which are quite scarce. Years ago, several were found with labels intact and other advertising such as wrappers, flyers, and other related paper. I have read with great interest the "testimonials" indicating the amazing ability of this miracle cure for dyspepsia, and of course the dates of said testimonials. It appears that Dr. Champlain created his ligneous extract in the 1860s, yet apparently he patented the stuff in 1872. The testimonials date from about this time. For overall western glass characteristics it is a tough bottle to beat. Good color, crudity, embossing, and scarcity. I would estimate there are about 25 or so in collections. DM

Base of the Dr. Champlain's


  1. Dale,
    Very nice example of this bottle. Could you post a picture of the base?

  2. $2. was sure a lot of money back then for such a small amount of product. No doubt, the price contributed to the lack of sales and rarity of these bottles !