Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just Back From Anderson

Arrived home last night from the Anderson show after a weekend of selling and buying.
I sold several low end bottles and bought a couple of common western medicines.

I was impressed by the amount of collectors/dealers that were buying bottles and collectible items for resale.
What surprised me was the absence of a lot of the mainstay dealers and collectors at the show.
Although a lot of the regular dealers didn't make Anderson I did recognize dealers from southern California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada. All in all the building was full with all tables sold and the action was brisk on both Friday and Saturday.
The late Saturday afternoon Ted Siri "circle sale" had buyers scrambling to buy groups of bottles and collectibles at reduced prices. By the time the excitement has subsided Ted sold everything on his table!
The one major purchase I did see was a Dr Wonser's Square that went to a Nevada city bitters collector.

For a lot of the attendees the highlight of the weekend was the annual open house at the Schwartz home. Ken & Teenie are gracious hosts and their collection extends way beyond just bottles.

The Anderson crew did  a great job of organizing the show, the displays were very regional and well done and dinner was fantastic featuring BBQ tri tip, chili and homemade desserts.
Some of Ken's whiskies
Thanks to the Anderson Club for another enjoyable weekend

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  1. It seems like a great time was had by all of us ! Any updates on the Schwarz whiskey musuem ? Is it true that all those whiskies will never be released back onto the market ?