Sunday, January 15, 2012

M. Keller Label

Here is what remains of a California Wine Bitters label. This broken wine type bottle was dug a few years ago, and provides some insight on this great bitters. It is apparent that Keller bottled the California Wine Bitters in plain bottles either prior to, or subsequent to the embossed version.

Notice how the embossed bottle mirrors the label almost exactly...the "chevron" insignia is also depicted in the same place on the label as on the embossed bottle.

This is a "chicken or the egg" question as to which came first. Any thoughts?


  1. The Keller is a "Killer" bottle. Who cares if the egg or the chicken came first. I recall a nice green example was dug in Red Bluff about 25 yrs ago. See you at Anderson.

  2. What a nice surprise to see this beautiful label. Thanks for the post. Looks like the same graphics format. Interesting that bottle is sans-serif vs. the serif font in the label. We tend to forget that the label was the eye-catcher. Too many times I look at the embossing and forget the relationship of the label if it was known. F

  3. Do you have these bottles personally? Whats the date stamp on them? Would you be willing to sell either? Matthew Keller was my husbands great great uncle. He used to own one of the embossed bottles but it got destroyed and he has been trying to find another. Please contact at melanie . m . pace @ gmail . com (obviously no spaces)