Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oregon & Washington Jamaica Gingers

Anybody know if there is any known Jamaica Ginger bottles out of Washington State or Oregon? I know there is some from Wyoming and Utah, Idaho maybe? Dr. Barnes


  1. Rick,

    There are no known embossed jamaica ginger's from Oregon to my knowledge. There are several which are paper label only( in unembossed pumpkinseeds, and slick jake molds). I dug a crude long necked jake from the late 1870s ( looked like a Hostetter's) with part of the label still intact. It was from the Smith Davis Co. from Portland. I dug this bottle in the late 1970s.Also found a half pint 'seed with a full label for jamaica ginger from Woodard- Clarke, also from Portland which was under a building downtown. Dale M.