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Early Sacramento Druggists

Sacramento's first newspaper, the Placer Times, was published weekly from 28 April 1849 until 13 April 1850, and then tri weekly until 7 June 1850 when it ceased publication. Several early day "Drs" and "Druggists" placed ads offering their goods and services in that paper. The following are excerpts from various editions of the Placer Times.

We are gratified to announce that Drs. L.P. and S.S.Crane, formerly of New York, have established themselves in this city. They are gentlemen well skilled in the healing art, and have a choice assortment of medicines
We commend them from personal experience, having been cured of "diabolic diarrhea" in a few hours through their agency. (July 20, 1949)

DRUGS AND MEDICINES...DRS. L.P.and S.S. Crane are now opening their general assortment of Drugs, Medicines and Chemicals at their store, next door of this office, which they intend offering to the public cheaper than they can be purchased elsewhere in California. They are constantly receiving supplies per shipment from New York, so that they will be able to supply all demands.
All Medicines warranted pure and genuine.
Medicines for the mines carefully packaged--drugs and medicines taken on commissions.
The Drs. Crane will attend to any professional calls they may be favored with. Charges in all cases reasonable. (July 20, 1949)

DR CARPENTER, Sacramento City, corner of 2nd & K Streets, will be pleased to attend to all professional calls. A good stock of Medicine will be kept constantly on hand. (June 30, 1849)

NEW GOODS... The subscriber are now receiving and offering for sale upon the most reasonable terms on board this bark Whiton, and at their store, corner 3rd & J, the entire cargo of the Schooner Angelina.......Sickel's Bitters, Swaines Panacea, Bailey's Tonic Mixture for fever and ague.
R. GELSTON AND CO. (July 20, 1849)

TO DRUGGISTS AND OTHERS...The subscribers have just received on board Bark Whiton and at their store, corner 3rd & J Streets, a fresh importation of Drugs and Medicines, together with scales and weights, making a complete assortment for a Drug Store, which they will sell by the entire lot at a great bargain.
R. GELSTON AND CO. (August 11, 1849)

DRUGS AND MEDICINES...DRS L.P. & S.S. CRANE have constantly on hand at their store, next door to this printing office, a choice assortment of Drugs, Medicines and Chemicals, which they offer for sale at reasonable prices.
Professional calls promptly and faithfully attended to. (August 11, 1849)

JONES, PRETTYMAN, BARROL & CO (Dr W.G. Deal), commission, real estate and drugs.
(October 26, 1849)

DR. W.G DEAL...Office at D.W. Jones drug Store. K Street between 2nd and 3rd, nearly opposite the American Hotel. (December 29, 1849)

DR. MORRILL'S DRUG STORE, between 2nd & 3rd. (December 29, 1849)

It is likely safe to assume that these "Drs." and "Druggists" were of doubtful origin, and whose businesses were often very short lived. A small remuneration to the publisher of the Placer Times would ensure that their names were well represented in that earliest of printed media.

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