Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Old pics

I found a few old photos of diggin' back in the day. Many are lost 'cause my saving pictures reeks. They are piled everywhere and some were simply thrown away. There is one of me holding a fresh dug Buffalo Bourbon, me holding some old soda and a funky square, and one of the last exclusive permission dig in Old Sac, mid-1970s. Tons of good bottles came from that site. Left behind were hundreds of junker blacks, common sodas, and anything slick. One of my buds and I got into a space between two buildings that had over 4' of 1860s and '70s sodas piled in the ash. We busted 60-70 Billings 'cause they were aqua and we only wanted color. Owens by the hundred! At the time they were going for $15-20 a pop and they all went. What happened to all those Caseys? Now, you see people trying to get 200 bucks for the things. Crazy, I tell 'ya.

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  1. I wish I was born earlier in time to have been around for the "old bottle" rush....

    ~J.F. Cutter Extra