Saturday, August 6, 2011

Keep em' Coming

I just wanted to thank all the folks that have changed the direction of the Western Bitters News back  into a positive pleasant site to visit.
All of the incredible early digging photos that you are posting sure bring back a lot of very fond memories.
Keep the those early digging pictures coming. Us "old timers" really enjoy them.

As for combining the sites? I think the WBN, Western Tool Top Gazette and the Glob Top site all have different things to offer for different interests. Until things change the Western Bitters News will remain as it has been since it was started. A place for bottle enthusiasts to share their passion for the hobby, post digging and research articles and yes, an unrestricted forum to comment on the state of the hobby. I have always believed a person has the right to speak his peace. This doesn't mean I will tolerate assaults on reputations, personal vendetta's or vulgar remarks on the Western Bitters News.
Wow, I can't believe all the hair everyone had back in the day!

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