Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A. A. Enqvist California Washing Extract

This bottle was mentioned in the comments of another post a few months ago. As far as I was able to research Mr. Enqvist was only listed with the "v" in his name in the 1865 SFCD. Apparently more extensive research was done on Mr. Enqvist than I was able to accomplish online. I'd love to read more information about this bottle. This was found by Val Valdivia in the Embarcadero Projects...I later bought it out from under someone's nose who'd priced it for Mr. Valdivia at all of $5.00. Oops! :')


  1. Very cool little bottle. I'd never seen one. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Cool little bottle, Jason, but back then that's about the going rate for small extracts. Nowdays they get more respect. Old Val did get around, didn't he? He had a lot of interests, not just bottles. I have some of his better Indian artifacts.

  3. This would have been about 1992 when Valdivia sold at the Cow Palace antique shows. The fellow who used to operate the Bottle Vault down in Livermore had met up with Val before the show telling Val he knew fair prices for Val's bottles. The Livermore fellow figured he himself would come back later and buy up everything Val brought to the show at the "fair prices" he marked all the bottles with. Ol' Bottle Vault was pissed that I'd gotten there first and grabbed this Enquist.