Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Peruvian Bitters on ebay

Interesting Peruvian Bitters just closed on ebay
for a whopping $1,926.00
What was so interesting? It is missing the monogram on the reverse side of the bottle!


  1. Is that one of them "funny R's" in Peruvian and Bitters?

    Got a call well before this lot closed from a seasoned dealer south of the State of Jefferson. He was kicking himself in the ars. He'd picked up the same no reverse embossing variant at a show last year, thought it was neat and different and re-sold it at the same show. He was pleased with the meager profit; at that time.

    The bidding, when he called me, was $899.99 and he was beside himself. I'll bet his buttocks are black and blue after his self impsed ars kicking, since it closed at close to $2K...

  2. It's amazing to me that someone would pay 10 times more than the average peruvian bitters would sell for to get an example that has less embossing.I guess I'm just living in a different world. MAX

  3. While it is a strong price for a Peruvian, I believe it is the very first variant of this bottle. It is the only one I have ever seen, and if one is going after RARE and not only the beautiful, this example fills the bill. From a foot away, it looks like a $75 Peruvian, but is an important piece of western bitters history. I guess if an amber Cundurango sells for $2500 or more, this one is a relative bargain. By the way, I did not win the Peruvian and cried "uncle" when the bidding reached four figures. Now I have regrets that I did not go a bit higher, but who knows how high DD would have gone. He got a good one! Dale M.

  4. I have an example of this variant that I dug in San Luis Obispo about eight years ago. It is the same color as this one.

  5. Were up to 3 known now.