Thursday, August 11, 2011

CAN you say AFRICAN?

The intrepid duo of Chuck Erickson and Mike Lake scored this nice yellow amber African Bitters a few days ago. Well, all we can say is that a little persistence pays off. This one came from a brick filled cellar pit in a nearby empty lot. I'm "out of the loop" due to ongoing health issues and was not able to participate, but at least I can show a few pictures "after the fact".

The bottle is four piece mold, absolutely hammer whittled, with "western curved "R"s and has a gnarly applicable top. A good example of a nice SF bottle. It also does not have "Spruance Stanley & Co" on the reverse. Some claim that this is the "last mold" and dates from the late 1880s, but if the other bottles found in the pit are any
evidence it would date from approximately 10 years prior to that arbitrary assignment.
You be the judge.

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