Wednesday, August 24, 2011

another dig

About 1994 old cal49er ' brother dan and his son gary were off probing in a really early town site.(1850-1858). We hit an early hole and dug some good bottles. This same field ended up producing several hundred bottles in the next year. Included are some photos of one of our better digs 10 pontilled sodas and assorted blacks and wines. This field produced a mint hogan and thompson soda and 2 blue pontilled cone inks. MAX BELL


  1. A glory hole for sure. I'm not sure I've even seen a Hogan & Thompson in person. The best bottle I ever dug was back in the mid-70s which I still have. I'm sure there are still finds to be had, but digs like this seem to be few and far between these days out here in Calif.

  2. To be sure Digs like this are few and far between. There are still some undug spots around but The times they are changin. I'm not sure just what has changed but It takes a monumental effort to secure a permission on some of these places. We are still waiting hoping some change of ownership may be the answer.Cal49er