Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Just in from Ken Morrill

Hi Rick,
I was wondering if this is something you would like to post.
It is a pint, mold blown beer embossed PC 77 and it has a pontil mark on the base!  The inside of the lip does not have the indentation that accepted the Baltimore loop seal and there is one air vent on the side.  It's obviously a fake and I am wondering if any of your readers have any information about this bottle? 
Ken Morrill

This is a bottle I have never seen. Anyone out there have any experience or information about this bottle? - rs -


  1. These were blown by (or for) the National Park Service. They were made to stock a display at one of their forts. One showed up at a show, maybe ten years ago, and the dealer who had it gave me the info. Problem is, I don't remember what property the Park Service has them displayed. I only recall it was not in California. Somebody out there has to know as the dealer told a number of people the story. Somehow, he was able to pick up a few of these bottles from the source.

    It's a great repro, although a little over the top with the pontil mark.

  2. Only the government would spend, no doubt, hundreds of dollars apiece to have a mold cut and the repro bottles blown, when they could have purchased the real deal for ten bucks apiece.