Thursday, June 18, 2015

Another Mystery to Solve

Hi Rick,
Thanks for posting the Wieland’s bottle -  mystery solved!
I have another question for your readers.
I have a several pint bowling shaped milk bottles embossed  "HENDY MACHINE WORKS PAT. AUG.13 01" on the base. I also have the same shaped bottles embossed “EMPIRE PAT.AUG.13 01” on the base.
I have not been able to find any information about the glass manufacturing operation of the Hendy machine works.  I’m guessing it was extremely short lived and they only produced bottles shortly before the earthquake and fire of 1906 that destroyed their entire business.  The company relocated to Sunnyvale after the earthquake and apparently did not rebuild a glass works. 
The bottles were made by an Owen’s automatic bottle making machine and the patent date may refer to that or the shape of the bottle.  I’m guessing these bottles are pre earthquake.
Are there bottles, other than milks, with "HENDY MACHINE WORKS” embossed on them?
Thanks,  Ken

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  1. The Joshua Hendy Works manufactured ore cars, stamp mills and other mining equipment for the California gold rush. You can still see some of the ore cars and stamp mills displayed here in the northern mines area. The Forest City Historical Assn. has a stamp mill that has parts from the Hendy company on display in Forest City.

    I don't know if Hendy made bottles but I would bet they made iron molds for bottles because they manufactured all sorts of cast iron products that I have encountered. here in the gold rush country.
    Anyone got any info on the Hendy Works