Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Biggest "Crier" For 2015...So Far.

Here is a recent find...Hammered with whittle effect...Super bold embossing, and very clean.

One problem...OUCH! No base to be found anywhere. Ready to call MH.

Any more "close but no cigar" finds lately?



  1. That's quite a nice bottle find. No matter it's current condition. I like it.

  2. Reminds me of the amber glop Jockey Club that we dug at the old Steamboat mine decades ago. Only the tip of the lip was showing at first. Slowly, methodically, surgically, the dirt was swept away from the top down. When freed from it's grave, it was all there - minus the center of the base - a dead ringer for this F&M.

    Missed it by that much...

  3. a bear whiskey was one of my first digs,red amber and mint. but a clubhouse base was the best find if only I had the rest of the bottle....way back in 1969....a mint amber beargrass fifth was cool ,but took 7 yrs to find one for sale then I dig one whole along with a united we stand/Wilmerding and co. in a trash pit everyone overlooked and didn't dig thinking it was gravel.... but that was actuall a shallow pit of sold broken flasks and fifths smashed like with a hammer. cutters were the common ones and the beargrass and united we stand were the only whole bottles and just under the sod I dug off the pit... only a few shovel strokes and two great bottles!!!

  4. Very nice and close to being intact; keep digging Dale, best of luck.