Tuesday, June 16, 2015

San Francisco and Pacific Glass Works

From the Pacific Rural Press September 23,



The John Tons Stockton beer is just one of the dozens of embossed bottles that were produced by S.F. & P.G.W.
Bottles from the San Francisco and Pacific Glass Works are a interesting and historically significant category for the western collector to consider and they are usually within the average collectors price range.
John Tons pictures from ebay

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  1. S.F.& P.G.W was the longest operating glass works in California during the nineteenth century, essentially operating from Aug 1875 through Nov 1900, approximately 25 years. P.G.W was second, operating from Jun 1863 through Aug 1875, approximately 12 years. With S.F.G.W operating May 1865 and in and out of operation for approximately 9 years with the consolidation of the two glass works in Aug 1875. Both glass works operated under the S.F.& P.G.W monitor for a few months simultaneously until the P.G.W location was dismantled and the property sold in May 1876.