Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Following the post of western advertising by the California Kid, here is a photo (taken years ago and pretty fuzzy!) of a very rare, possibly unique, tin advertising sign that I used to own. I sent a photo of it to Bill Wilson, and he dated it to the 1870's, according to the San Francisco address. Tin, in it's original frame, it depicts images of Indians (one feather from head), Chinese (pigtails) and Spaniards (on horseback) working in a vineyard at the base of Southern California foothills. It states "Vineyards Anaheim & Cucamonga"! Since I live right next door to the city of Cucamonga, I just had to have this sign! Wish I still did, but sold it years ago to a collector of wine related items from San Francisco, a lawyer I think. Anyone ever seen a Dreyfus labeled wine or brandy bottle?


  1. What a KILLER ad Dennis. I have seen only a couple of labeled wine bottles with Dreyfus & Co. They were N.Y. labels not S.F. labels...?... I know of a label collector in Bakersfield who has a Dreyfus & Co. label from N.Y. I have found that most of the California Wines were marketed for the East Coast.

  2. Dennis,
    Thanks for becoming a Contributor to the WBN. Hope to see more posts from you.
    By the way, killer piece of California advertising.

  3. Dennis

    I wouldnt mind having that sign either !

    I dug the privies and well for the Benjamin Dreyfus home and winery (original first site) on the outer edge of old Anaheim about 20 yrs ago. He was one the more successful wine growers in Anaheim during its 20+ yr heyday in the 1860s and 70s whe it was known as a German-American wine growing colony. The majority of the wine was sent north to San Francisco.
    Unfortunately for Dreyfus, shortly after he moved his operation in the eraly 1880s to the other side of town into a newly constructed gigantic brick bldg, the entire grape growing industry in SoCal was wiped out by a mystery disease. It wasnt until the early 1890's that the disease was identified and named (Pierce's disease). It is associated w the Glassy-winged Sharpshooter insect that is still feared today by the USDA and farmers.

    As for Dreyfus' privies, well they pretty much sucked !! The 1870's pit had a few Rhodes & Lewis San Jose drug stores. The 80's hole had a Warner's Safe Cure and some other patent meds. A friend dug one pit at the site and found a green Lyon's Powder and a Peruvian Bitters.
    The well didnt produce anything. We gave it up at the 15' level, after not finding any bottles and not being able to feel anything down lower with the 8' probe !
    They must've carted most of the trash off the property to a dump somewhere, which would've been easy since they were located on what was at the time the edge of town. There are some great photos online of the Dreyfus home and winery. In one photo, you can see ole Benjamin and his crew using hoses and barrels to fill lots bottles that appear to be black-glass ales !


  4. Tom,
    Nice comment on the Dreyfus history and your exploration of their property.

  5. Thanks for your comments Tom, great history and research on Old Man Dreyfus, what a letdown on your minimal finds from his privy!