Friday, July 12, 2013

Bottle Go-With's

Here is a small sample of my bottle advertisement, that I have been collecting for as long as I've been collecting bottles. These are some of my, one of a kind items. If I couldn't find the bottle I was looking for at a show, I would go and find a piece of bottle advertisement or go-with. "ENJOY"


  1. Awesome, Love the Advertising, Great Stuff.

  2. Great stuff Mike is the J.H.Cutter sign the original color I found one that measures 9 inches by 6 inches but was a bit rough no paint at all
    Bill Curtiss

    1. Yes, They came black with gold, blue with gold or silver and only one with the clipper ship in the lower right.

  3. Thanks Mike mine is a little different it has est. 1846 the writing is different and mine does not have c.p. moorman think I will paint it black&gold. Bill C.

  4. Thanks for posting these photos Mike, I love the old advertising go-withs and have collected them for years as well. Usually, they are much harder to find than their bottle counterparts!