Sunday, July 14, 2013


Just wanted to get an early start at getting the word out about the 49er HBA new show location. We are moving  from Auburn to Roseville, Cal. At the Placer County Fairgrounds, 800 All America Blvd. Roseville, Cal. Its a 12 minute distant from each other. The show will be in one big building with a large display/ seating room and kitchen all under one roof. Parking and RV set-ups right by the building. Over 30 different restaurants and some 15 hotels in the Roseville area, with an AMTRAC station 4 blocks away. This is the most user friendly spot for a bottle show. We the 49er HBA take pride in putting on a quality show with quality dealers to keep the number of shoppers coming every year. Its the "Best of the West" for a reason. Our show is based on bottles FIRST, followed by Gold Rush items and Western related. "NO MORE FLEAMARKET STUFF"

I would like to say, the 49er HBA has been a big family of collectors for many years now, and yes, just like any family, we have our differences. But we always seem to come together and work them out. Its what's best for the club and hobby.....So come join our family show this year and help make it the "Best of the West"    Thank you to all collectors big & small, Mike McKillop 


  1. Even though I will miss the Auburn site I am looking forward to a new and exciting venue for the annual show. I really like the idea of everything in one building.
    See you in Roseville

  2. Hello. Does the building have a name, or will their be enough signs to follow......

  3. It has always been referred to as "The Auburn Show', so I assume it will now be "The Roseville Show"?

  4. How about the 49er club show in roseville MAX

  5. What are table prices for the show, and when are you going to start selling them??