Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Could it be?

My first impression when I  saw this bottle was that it bore a striking resemblance in form to the dome on  “Independence Hall” where the Constitution was signed.  Seems fitting that this company could of chose such a figural parody to fit their product.


  1. close, but no cigar, not enough arches on the bottle, just sayin ya know.....definitely a figural bitters though

  2. A West Coast Lacour Bitters doesn't really resemble a lighthouse either.

  3. The Lacquors was most probably not intended to look like a lighthouse. See the previous discussion about the probable inspiration behind the design of the Lacquors molds~



  4. Both the 1860s news paper ads and bottle label for the Lacour’s depict a light house. Although the bottle may not exactly resemble one I believe that is what it represents.....

  5. You are right on Lou...As a matter of fact, I have a copy of an 1860s ad which the Lacour's was described as " Being put up in fancy lighthouse shaped bottles"...Seems pretty conclusive to me. Definitely a lighthouse, and while there have been several theories as to different possibilities, the trade mark on the label, and this ad confirm the lighthouse as being the form.