Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Reno Find

The Henley's in this picture was sitting on a table at Reno and purchased by one of our western collectors

WOW! does it look great in this run of bottles.
Goes to show what you can find at the shows


  1. The Renz's looks like the same one on Dale's web page....any hoot, I sure like that Peach Brandy on the right. Rarest bottle in the photo.

  2. Yes the Peach Brandy is a rare bird. One of our Nevada City diggers found one back in the late 1990's. Not sure where the one in the photo came from. I only know of three. The Nevada City one, the late Ken Schwartz collection and can't remember where the third one is.

  3. Very nice group of bottles! The Rosenbaums Bitters came from the Bidwell Bottle clubs show in Chico about 3 years ago. A very nice crude example of the variant 1.

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