Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Lafayatte and Addison Boley are believed to have established the first soda water factory in Sacramento in late 1849 or early 1850. The first mention of Boley and Company, in my research, is in the Sacramento Daily Union’s edition of August 1, 1852 and the firm is mentioned as Boley & Avaline.
The first advertisement for Boley & Avaline , in the August 11, 1852 Sacramento Daily Union, informs the public that Boley & Avaline have placed large sign cards in establishments that sell their soda water product and the bottoms of their bottles are painted with Venetian red paint.
March of 1853 saw Boley & Avaline on the delinquent tax list and by November of that year the firm of Boley & Co. are selling all of their soda water machinery.


  1. The first soda manufacturing works in Sacramento City was opened by A.G.Boley in 1849 on 1st(Front) St between H & I. The capacity was 500 dozen bottles per day. (History of Sacramento County).

    Lafayette and Addison Boley maintained their works until at least 1857. By 1860 there is no mention of them being in the soda water manufacturing business.

    The 1855-56 Sacramento City directory lists the follows on Pg 16:
    Boley, Lafayette, Soda Manufacturer, Levee above Water Works.
    Boley, Addison, Soda Manufacturer, Levee above Water Works.

    The Boley & Co bottles remain popular, despite their abundance. I have dug dozens of them here in Sacramento and in other nearby communities. The soda must have been quite popular and distributed over a considerable area.

    1. Do you happen to have any more information about Lafayette Boley? My great grandfather's grandfather was Lafayette Boley, born in Virginia, married Susan Pierce in New York, appears to have traveled to California in 1850 with their son Victor. Ages and birthplaces may not have been recorded accurately in those days, or there may have been more than one Lafayette, Susan and Victor Boley in California at that time. Would you happen to have any information that would clarify this for me? Also, I have found no Addison G. Boley in what little I have of Lafayette's family tree. Was he a relative? If you have any information I would be very greatful for it. Also, if this Lafayette was my relative, how might I obtain one of these apparently very plentiful bottles? Thank you, Ken Abbiss