Friday, February 25, 2011

A. McBoyle & Co

Thought you might have an interest to add this to the A. McBoyle & Co. thread. This is a pretty rare chamfered-corner druggist I picked up a few years ago. It might well be rarer than the SF-blown patent medicines from the same firm. Obviously available at a fraction of the price of a "puce-amber" example. This is the only example I've seen personally and I won it on ebay a few years ago when Ken Werner sold off his druggist collection.

Cheers, Jason P.


  1. Jason,
    Your apothecary bottle is properly referred to as a Blake style prescription and most likely was a mould ordered by the S.F.& P.G.W for the S.F. druggist.
    See page 268 in my book supplement.

  2. For those of you that don't have Warren's book:

    The September 1st edition of the San Francisco Evening Bulletin reports: SF&PGW have sent east for glass blowers, tools, moulds etc. for the manufacture of druggists' perscription vials - also flasks of various descriptions, all the latest styles, with movable plates and dies so that druggists' can have their names and address blown in the bottles.

    Jason's A. McBoyle very well could have been blown in SF

  3. That would be the September 1, 1870 Newspsper