Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chico Eye Candy

Saturday afternoon a few collectors got together at the closing of the Chico Show to admire a beautiful gathering of Western Squares.

Rosenbaum's, Cundurango's and Renz's. The who's who of Western Squares!
I also heard today that a couple of the sellers at the Chico show hit a heartbreaking shallow trash pit in the foothils after the show.
Broken Wistar's Clubhouse, broken W.S.C. Clubhouse and the final insult... a broken Jockey Clubhouse Gin in a wild off color.


  1. I don't see no "Cunders" at Chico. Not mine, but I do have those colors.

  2. Nice groupings of Renzs, Baums & Rangos. Next best thing to being there. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. Is that amber Rosenbaums on the left the one that came out of Napa last year with a chip on the lip and some moderate swirling ?

  4. Victoria,
    That is the Rosenbaum's bottle dug by the Sierras Brothers and sold at the Chico bottle show 2 years ago. It did have a lip chip that has been repaired. A very nice looking example with great swirls through the glass.

  5. Was the lip chip repair something that increased the potential sales price? Or was it done primarily for aesthetic reasons (display purposes)?

  6. Lordbud,
    Several of us collectors of western bitters contemplated buying that Rosenbaums bottle when the Sierras Brothers brought it to the Chico show 3 years ago. We all had a tough time making up our mind because the lip chip was a distraction, however after it was repaired the bottle did sell to a western bitters collector shortly after. So I would say that having it repaired did make it more palatable to own without the distraction of the missing piece of glass. The reason for the repair was not for monetary gain as it sold for the same price repaired or not. It's just more aesthetically pleasing to the eye with the repair.