Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chico Show Report 2011

One of the best aspects of the Chico, Ca. show is the Spring type feeling in the air. Usually this show produces a multitude of freshly dug items, however this year was particularly sparse in the "fresh dug" department. There were some nice bottles this year, and while most of the higher end quality Western bitters were in locked briefcases, and not for sale, they made for some great eye candy.

There were two amber Wonser's Indian Root Bitters being showed around, one of which was very whittled and crude. The other amber example was also very nice. There was a pretty and whittled Chalmer's Catawba Wine Bitters which made a brief appearance and promptly put back in it's case.

It appeared as though most tables had been sold, and there was quite a selection of nice bottles including a pretty green Catawba Bitters with an iron pontil, a pretty red whittled Lash's, a red whittled peruvian, two IXL's, and some rare square Dr. Mott's Wild Cherry Tonics, in both the A.H. Powers, and Spruance Stanley versions. There were some nice western distributed squares including a pontiled Charles' London Cordial Gin, and a gorgeous and mint olive green Jockey Clubhouse Gin which had been dug in Sacramento. There were also some nice Hostetters available. Once again, an early S.F. beer showed up and was immediately snapped up! This Postel was undamaged, and sold for a record price for this bottle.

There were some nice whiskeys available from the usual collectors/dealers, and a mint Pride of Kentucky glob top, changed hands, as well as a very strongly embossed and crude "One Name bear" in a reddish amber. I saw a few Nabobs, Livingston's Blackberry, and Cutters on tables, and I do not know if they found new homes. There was also a beautiful "Open Embossed" Portland, Hotaling glob...

The early Western sodas continue to be "hot" right now, and a few were available. There were only a few early Western medicines which seems to be the case at most shows. Not sure why, but mose collectors are holding on to their better meds.

Thanks to Randy Taylor who provided a great Italian feast for dealers, and a killer breakfast on Saturday morning! This show continues to be one where almost anything can happen, and I look forward to next year!

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