Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Weekend Finds

As most of you know undisturbed Gold Rush camp sites are as about scarce as hen's teeth anymore. Three of us old timers managed to stumble across a remote camp site while doing a little gold prospecting over the weekend. Here's a few pictures of our finds.
The crier's included a 31 ounce black Hostetter's, an early amber Hostetter's and two variant 1 Dr. Henley's Wild Grape Root IXL Bitters.


  1. Looks like a fun dig.

    There we sooooooo many camps and mines, no way they're all ABD. And even the one that have been investigated, sure maybe most of the dump has been dug, but how about the privies.....yeah right !

  2. Hey, are you the guys that found that $500.00 no top cracked CUNDURANGO BITTERS on Ebay? Just Kidding, nice pile of stuff. There's gotta be more little camps up there. You ever run into Growers up in the hills, or have they been replaced by Crazed Gold Miners? DB