Sunday, June 6, 2010

What can I say...

Amber Tooled Lip Bitters California Circa 1875

Item number: 150452393376

bottle is printed federal law forbid sale or reuse
measures 7 inches S.F. 65.59 on bottle
some dirt inside but should clean nicely.

I know, a picture's worth a thousand words.

So how about two thousand.


  1. That is nearly as rare as an amber,two-handled Clorox isn't it? And don't forget those western bitters, I think. Yes, that's it, and they are also extremely rare.
    Only on EBAY. Your home of elite bottle experts.

  2. Are there any significant cracks and do you offer FREE shipping?

  3. Darn,why didn't you post this before I bid..

  4. We dug one of these this Winter, and unfortunately, I lost it in the split process. I got stuck with the Lacour's, and my partner ended up with this beauty! It has caused such a rift, that I will never dig with him again. I found out he was using a two headed coin for the flip!

  5. you guys are such teases...dincha know that this is one of the rarest and most collectible of all the western bitters bottles.....gotta be worth at least halfa million dollars or more.....