Monday, June 14, 2010

Recent finds from old homestead.

Recently 4 bottle collector/diggers got together and dug 4 holes in an old ranch/homestead in Northern California.

(2 of the beers have S. F & PGW embossed on the base)
(4 bitters were found intact, 1 black glass Hostetters found broken)


  1. Congrats !!!! Bravo Warren, is that Renz's a unique color ?

  2. Actually, back in the early '90's I had 2 broken Renz's [variant 2] like this one in this color. It is quite unusual to find the large lettered examples in this medium light pastel bluish green.

    Ken Edward and I both had an E. G. Lyons square in almost the same color. This color seems to be quite different than almost anything else and really stands out when put next to a green or blue color bottle.