Saturday, June 5, 2010

Small Hoss Dug

Here is a nasty crude small Hostetters Stomach Bitters which was recovered from the Earth in the past few weeks. These are about as crude a bottle as you can find, and each one is different. They range in color from pure black which one cannot see through, to a forest green. The lip, and panels are often so poorly made (thankfully!) that you wonder about the quality control on these early bitters. Every one I have seen is this way, and like the typical "black" ales and cylinders found throughout the West, each is unique. I cannot help but wonder if they were made by the same glasshouses which made these "blacks". The color, crudity, and high iron content of the glass is so similar.


  1. Congrats, next one you pull out will be _____ !

  2. Great find. Has ANY evidence been found supporting the claim that no Hostetters were blown in SF ?

  3. Anyone who can't entertain the possibility that these may have been blown in S.F., hasnt dug enough pits in the West to get the feel for where most of the glass came from out here...

    How many people think no black-glass ales were blown in S.F.? How many think the Hostetter's jakes are not blown in S.F. ??