Saturday, April 17, 2010

What is it about GREEN?

For years, I have been attracted to Western bottles in the green color spectrum. I know of many other collectors who also covet "green" glass. There are some spectacular whiskeys, bitters, medicines, and soda in that "Western" green. Here are a few attractive, and still relatively affordable (?) Western bottles in pretty green shades. A nice bubble filled ammonia, Walkers Vinegar Bitters, a nice green sixth, Pacific Congress Springs, Hall's Sarsaparilla, Dr. J.J. McBride King of Pain, and 5 green jamaica gingers. I have seen some stunning green glass...a Thos. Taylor in Nevada, Cutter non crown in Cal. and a Teakettle whiskey. There are some collections in the West which would knock your socks off! Cannot wait to see one of the Western early beers in green someday (not a Swan). Let's see some green glass!

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