Monday, April 26, 2010

Amber Lacour’s Unearthed

Local "digging dynamos" Mike Lake and Shawn Hunt SCORED!! Take a look at the bottle at the bottle in the middle, and maybe the green one at right. Dude, these don't come out every day.

The hunks of granite behind them attest to the hard core nature of their efforts. Rocks,rocks,rocks, and all moved by hand. 'Ya gotta move half a collapsed building to get to the layer that holds trash that was literally tossed out the window back in the day.

I can't believe that a Lacour's actually survived this stony zone! It most certainly did and here is the evidence front and center. These men need major accolades for this accomplishment. Yeah man, way to go gents, way to go!

Thanks to OldCutters for the report & Janice Lake for the pictures

Wow! I know these valley diggers have been working hard all winter . Great finds and Congratulations!
Anyone out there know which variant Lacour's Mike is holding?


  1. Epic, this guy's pulling out bitters left and right ! Looks like he's the 2010 Bitters King so far. Congrats. Is it mint ?

  2. Yep, it is "EL MINTO". No dings, chips, whacks, nada, zip, zero. Amazing, especially considering the situation and the fragile nature of bottle's design.

  3. Congrats ! What a great bottle and an awesome photo. Pull out any flat-base 60's 6ths along with it ?

  4. Wow, great find guys. Respect. Must feel good !!!
    Is it a crude example ? Lets see some close up shots.

  5. That's awesome, guys! Keep up the's great to see the occasional "reward" after all of the hard work! I know most of us dig not because we expect to find something epic on each dig, but because every once in a great moon, something really cool could pop out of the dirt! This is a way cool find!


  6. How about that Green Peppersauce that guy is holding, not a Bitters, but a tough color for one of those. DB

  7. Congratulations on your well deserved spectacular find and welcome to the club! Next to the Cassins the Lacours in my book is one of the most elusive best looking Western bitters you could possibly ever dig. It's been my experience that when found their usually smashed or fractured due to the extreme fragile nature of these bottles. For almost 30 years this bottle was number one on my whish list to dig, way to go guys!!!

  8. They don't call it "Rock"lin for nothin' !