Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Excelsior Bitters

Here’s a bottle that’s quite a mystery. Wilson in his “Western Bitters” book claims the distributor of this product is unknown but all known examples have been dug in the west.
Wichmann in his book “Antique Western Bitters Bottles” has this bottle being manufactured from 1888 to 1892. He also states the Excelsior comes in both an applied top and tooled top and there is a variant of the bottle spelled “Excelcior”.

What I know is Excelsior means always upward or higher. Excelsior is the New York state motto and is on the New York state seal. Known examples of the Excelsior Bitters in collections.?? got me. The use of excelsior as an adjective was quite common in the 19th century and just about every mining camp in California boosted an “Excelsior Mine”.

That’s all I have, anyone have anything we can add to the Excelsior mystery?

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