Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lacour's & Cassin's Seeking Patronage

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  1. I just love the adjectives these guys used in their advertisements. I don't think intentions were to "Dazzle with Brilliance" as much as "Baffle with BS".

    I noted the listing of a "Dashaway" and the curious sort that I am, did a Google search. Here's what I found:

    In 1840 in Baltimore (USA) six heavy drinkers decided to stop drinking, sign a pledge and support each other in their resolve to abstain. They formed the Washington Temperance Society. The movement grew rapidly, and under the new name of the Washingtonian Movement, boasted of an attendance of 1000 at its first anniversary. By the 1850s, it reached the west coast. For various reasons momentum waned. In California a group of members left the movement and formed what they called “The Dashaway Association”. The title reflected their resolve to dash the cup away from their lips. Unlike temperance groups it was peculiar to the drinker, the ex-drunkard. A weekly programme of activities was arranged. Its members rounded up the heavy drinkers from the streets. In San Francisco a small in-patient centre arose. The Dashaways ran a short course of 15 years, falling victim to bad economic times and a rising, powerful temperance movement.

  2. IXL,
    Nice job on researching the "dashaway" I had no idea that it was related to the temperance movement. Want to become an author on the blog? You've got what it takes!

  3. Rick,

    I'm light years behind many of you with regards to research and knowledge of Western glass and I'm primarily here to learn...but to support this great forum I can try to come up with something of interest on occasion. I appreciate the offer!


  4. Dwayne,
    Email me your address and I can set you up as an author if you like.