Saturday, April 24, 2010

McMillan & Kester / Dr. Wonser's

Found this Great Ad in a copy of a 1876 SF Directory. I didn't realize how much stuff this Company put out. I wonder how many examples on this list can be accounted for? Says they were Sole Agents for Dr. Wonser's U.S.A. Bitters. They also put out a bunch of other flavors of Bitters, probably all paper label stuff? It got me searching for more info.........If anyone out there has any documentation, ads, trade cards, or the names of any odd ball Jakes or crazy colors, I sure would like to hear from you. Dr.Barnes,


  1. When did McM. and Kester purchase the Wonser's brand? become Sole Props.? Is the square Wonser's container the Mcm. and Kester's contribution to the Western Bitters scene?

  2. Looking at this ad again and I guess I can answer my last question. DR.WONSER'S U.S.A. BITTERS same embossing as on the square. 'INDIAN ROOT' gone from the embossing.