Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anderson Show Report- First Impression

The Anderson show has always been a small show, but surprisingly, some amazing glass shows up there most years. This was one of those years. Western bitters were quite well represented with a Chalmer's Catawba Wine Bitters in a pretty bluish aqua, an aqua cylinder Wonser's, a nice Renz's, some pretty Henley's (maybe the huge price recently paid at auction will shake more of these loose), a couple colored Walkers,a Dr. Motts, and some black Hostetters. While not a bitters collection, the annual gathering at Ken Schwartz' home to view his spectacular whiskey "museum" was a treat. I was unable to acquire a good bitters at the show, however was able to bring home a pretty citron colored Gun Wa square. The Western whiskeys were plentiful, and some top 25 examples were available, but that will be for the whiskey blog. If you missed this show, you missed some nice glass! See you all at Chico! M.E.


  1. Can you shoot a picture of this bottle in your light case? It looks really nice, kinda like the jolly ranger candy sour apple green. The one I dug in Denver was a darker richer green, I believe I still have pictures of it? They may be on my deceased hard drive? I will look. Good Score, Good Price too, I told you what I sold mine for. Wish I had it back. DB

  2. ME: Thanks for the report. Ken's collection is always awesome to view while up there at the show. Sounds like some good glass was available. Wish I could've made it this yr !