Sunday, January 3, 2010

Digging News 2010

Here are some pictures sent to me by OldCutters from, what I believe is, the first privy dig of 2010... (Two Thousand & Ten, boy have we come a long way or what?)
The picture to the left is what the whiskey guys call a "layer shot"!

Out comes a Holden's GA soda.
Along with an amber Hostetter's with S. McKee on the base..........

.... and my favorite, a beautiful and rare 1851 NCO sword belt plate.

It isn't always about a rare bitters or whiskey....Its about getting out and enjoying our hobby.

Congratulations OldCutters !


  1. Those belt plates are way cool. I have dug 3, to date. Yours looks to be an officer's, judging by the mark left below the eagle from where at one time a silver wreath was soldered-on. One of my examples came out pristine enough to wear on my diggin days.
    I've gotten skunked my last three times out.... Keep hittin'em O.C. !

  2. AP,
    Don't feel like the Lone Ranger my week long dig-a-thon over the holidays netted zero keepers.

  3. Two more pits "poked" out. If they produce anything interesting enough I may post pics, but I'm not holding my breath.