Friday, January 1, 2010

What color? "It's just aqua"

I love Western glass for it's history, and pristine charactaristics. Typically sparkling clean right out of the ground, there is just nothing else like it. The brilliant colors, and shades of green, amber, yellow, and even blue really keep the quest for quality Western glass exciting to me. Whenever asked about the color of a particular find, one hears some creative descriptions, like yellow, olive, citron, with a touch of amber, and so on...the descriptions for the color of glass and the interpretation of such are a topic in themselves. One color that might be considered a bit mundane, is aqua. The Western aqua though, is just spectacular in it's many hues, and shades. Here are three different shades of "just aqua". Just need the "aqua" Wonsers in this grouping, but one does not currently reside in my collection...yet.


  1. You're absolutely correct. The "Western aqua" glass can sometimes be just as beautiful or even more so than a colored bottle. The color inconsistancy and abundance of brilliant luster, always make it exciting to wash a freshly dug western aqua bottle, never knowing what hue it will have.
    Years ago, some diggers termed this Western aqua phenomenon, "Fire Aqua".

  2. old bumsted here,dug the henleys 30years ago and will remember it always,the green old sacham i dug with it was great, but the western made henlets is such a beautiful bottle,i sold the barrel bitters in 1995,and wouldnt have sold this if not for the bills ,of a divorce and haveing to sell my home ,even my two millers fifths were great, but still didnt compare to the color and crudeness of the henleys,but its got a new home,with someone who apreciates it as much as i did,like any other fine art.