Monday, August 29, 2016

Early Variant Dr. Renz

Here is a great example of the rare cone top Renz's. How many of these variants with this early looking top are known ? I can think of three examples (all green), but there must be more. Has anyone seen an example in amber ? More than likely these variants are the earliest examples of this bottle.


  1. I have seen two of these style...also there is the one olive example with the E.G. Lyon's style top. DM

  2. It is interesting to observe the different lipping tools used to form the mouth of the bottles. I have three examples of the G.A. Simon's Medicated Aromatic Bitters that have the same 3 styles of mouths that have been found on the earliest variant of the Dr. Renz's Herb Bitters.
    Interesting how certain styles of tops were the preference for certain styles of bottles.

  3. I have an example of this light green Renz with a tapered collar top also. There is no way to prove whether a Renz with this style of top is the earliest made, but it is a great style of top.