Thursday, August 18, 2016

Where did Jake Go ?

Anyone notice it's been getting pretty hard to find a green Jake these days ? They can't be that rare.......or are they ? Maybe a few collectors are holding 95% of them. It happens.

Here are a few dates:

McMillan & Kester - 1865-1880
E. Freese - 1866-1874
Dr. Barnes - 1858-1866


  1. Thanks for posting the photo everything western seems to be dried up!!! If it was not for you Dale and Rick the blog would be to Where has the enthusiasm gone maybe off with Jake MAX

  2. Max;

    I've noticed a decided lack of participation over on WWG as well. Odd, because readership (according to the stats counter) is way up.

    I discovered one thing quite by accident. When I'm using Firefox as the browser, the comments that I attempt to post on WBN do not appear. Whenever I use IE or Chrome, they do. Coincidentaly, or otherwise, the stats indicate that Firefox is now being used as much as the other two.

    Software glitch or apathy?


  3. Great picture of some nice colored Jakes. At the Sacramento National I had at least a dozen Jakes for sale on my table and I noticed four or more dealers with western Jakes on their tables. The western Jamaica Gingers are out there you just have to look for them.

    On the issue of comments to the blogs brought up by Bruce I have no idea what Foxfire is. I do not own a cell phone, I pad thing or participate on facebook etc. I host this blog with the tools and skills that I have. I can't count how many bottle related blogs have folded or languished with year old content over the last few years. I try to post new information as often as possible and I appreciate all those that contribute to, comment and read the western bottle blogs.

    By the way, I will have some Jakes along with some fresh to the market locally dug gold rush bottles at the Downieville Show. ( an unashamed plug for the show)
    Keep up the good work Bruce, Dale, Andrew, Max and all the important folks that keep the western bottle blogs alive.

  4. Rick;
    The observation about Firefox was, by no means, a criticism of the WBN site or your skills. Apologies if I didn't make myself clear.
    The issue lies not with the WBN site, but the browser that I have been using (Mozilla Firefox). Here goes my best attempt at an explanation~
    Mozilla Firefox is a search engine which is popular with laptop, desktop and tablet users. The big three browsers are now Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The pie is about evenly distributed in terms of usage now, and both Google and Microsoft have found ways to make Firefox difficult to use when interfacing with the competition in order to increase their market share of usage.

    I preferred Firefox because it was supposed to be more secure in the past. Actually, I'm seriously considering moving to Chrome because the bugs have been worked out and it seems to be more compatible than Firefox with most websites. Chrome is supposed to be the wave of the future.


    1. Bruce,
      I did not take it as a criticism. Just saying its hard to teach an old dog new tricks - especially an old dog that's been in the woods for most of his life.

  5. Great photo of some great jakes thanks for sharing

  6. They just got a tiny bit more rare...I just dropped a beautiful Mc Millan Kester while trying to snap a photo...Will let everyone know how Collectibles Insurance pays. I do not care as much about money as the glass, but either looks good today. Dale M.

  7. I have a pure cornflower blue E. Frese...never seen another.

  8. FYI, Collectibles Insurance came through! Full payment for value of broken green vessel.