Monday, August 8, 2016

The Worst Picture of the Week Award

Is this what happened to a lot of the bottles we collect?
Thanks for the picture Randy


  1. No doubt in my mind!

    We were the first ones to hike into a ca. 1890's town, high up in the mountains south of Battle Mt. Nevada in the 70's.

    The main camp was pretty much intact, mine shaft headframes (gallows) were still strutting their stuff, as was the bucket tram that connected the camp to the milling town a half mile down to Maysville Canyon. Also intact was the suburb, where "stinky the heathen Chinee" had been relegated to. Halfway in between the main camp, and the Chinee Camp, was a huge boulder. At the base of the boulder was a pile of Henry Busch / Minnemucca (yep "mis" spelling is corect) hutches shot to bits. The metal detectors confirmed our hunches, as there was a "ton o lead" splattered at the base of the boulder.

    Yep, those killer sodas died an early death at the hands of either a six shooter or a lever action.

    Come to think of it, if those couple of dozen mis-spells hadda survived, the existing examples might not be so rare~

  2. No doubt in my mind either, as I have seen the remains of shoot em ups in several of the old mining communities over the years, I am also convinced that kids played bomb the bottles in outhouses as some of the survivors were interspersed with real cryers in the layers of several pits we dug......Andy