Sunday, May 15, 2016



It has been 20 years since first laying eyes on this remarkable bottle. It has been 20 years of multiple visits, only to be awed by its beauty each time. It has been 20 years of politely asking if it might be available to purchase and receiving a polite "no" in return...that is until yesterday!
As a specialist of swirled bottles, adding this to the collection is like a Western bitters specialist finally scoring that top shelf bubbly green Cassins or Wonsers. I'm not here to share the history of this bottle, the maker, or the company embossed on it. I'm just simply putting this lone photo up to share the obvious beauty that this 19th century gloppy-topped whiskey exudes. However, I will not end this here. I must also share the circumstance under which I obtained this bottle...
One might first assume that the prior owner was in need of funds, has a health issue, or possibly exiting the hobby? Actually, far from it. He still adores the bottle as much as I do and had no good reason to remove it from his collection...except for one...he simply felt it was time for it to finally be a part of my specialty collection.
This is the second instance in the past six months where the same kindness from a fellow collector and friend was bestowed upon me, the previous involving a gorgeous swirled/two-toned OGW ammonia. With over 30 years of bottle and insulator collecting to look back on, I am continuously reminded that the joy of this hobby not only comes from the actual objects collected, but more so from the friendships made and earned.   


  1. Thats what our hobby, the best one is about. What patience.

  2. Congrats Dwayne! I have seen that bottle a few times and like you, was awed at it's beauty. You wonder if it was a mistake, or an "end of day" whimsy? Amazing bottle! Dale

  3. Dwayne,
    Good things happen to good people. So glad you got to add it to your awesome swirl collection

  4. Awesome bottle Dwayne! Its in the right collection now and a great one at that.

  5. That bottle came through the hands of the Sierras brothers,
    not sure if they dug it but they were the ones who came up
    with it about 20 years ago or so.

  6. Thanks guys! Yes, Abe, that is the same info I was given. They also sold it for a song and dance back then. I was even happy paying 10 times more! Tough to put a dollar value on a bottle like this. Doesn't really matter though, it's the joy factor that counts!

  7. Yes, the joy Factor! That is the bottom line,and one of the most important aspects,of the Hobby. Well said, and enjoy!

  8. Congratulations Dwayne, a gem indeed !