Friday, May 27, 2016

It's That Time of Year Again!

Every Spring people start thinking about getting rid of their unwanted items in the ritual yard sale. Here is a recent find from a local sale. I must admit my luck has not been as good as some when it comes to finding great bottles at yard and garage sales. This is a split that I had not seen before. It is a tooled four piece mold with "PCGW" on the base. The bottle is embossed " H.A Peterson, Watsonville, Cal." I am not very good at research but was able to find a 1907 directory indicating Peterson was located at 148 W. Lake Ave. in Watsonville. That's all I could find. Do any of you beer collectors have any more information on this split?

   Maybe Melissa will find a Lacour's tomorrow on her Saturday "saling" adventure!

  I want to wish everyone a great Memorial weekend.

 Dale M.

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  1. My best bottle find at a yard sale was a quart C D Postel beer for $17 that I later sold to a collector for $1800.