Sunday, May 8, 2016

Who Was Dr. D.B. Vincent?

One of the most exciting aspects of a bottle show is the fact that you just never know what will show up for sale. This year's Jefferson State Antique Bottle and Insulator show was no exception. Imagine my surprise when this incredible western medicine was placed on a table!

I have seen a couple different variants of Dr. Vincent's patent medicines over the years, however they are typically light aqua, and eastern blown. While all are rare, I have never seen this version of the Magic

Cough Cure. This one is a brilliant yellow green with an applied top and embossing on three panels. I was very excited to add this medicine to my collection! This one has it all...Western blown, a killer color, applied top, a "cure", and mega rare. I would appreciate any additional information on Dr. D.B. Vincent. DM.


  1. Man That is screaming western green You are very fortunate to add that bottle How tall is it looks around 7 inches MAX

  2. Thanks Max, it is in a cabinet sitting next to a Crown of Science and is exactly the same height. Dale

  3. One of the best of the California cure bottles!! Congrats!! and if you should ever decide, you know.......Andy