Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fresh from the ground!

Found this beauty early this morning with my detector. The small catch had a whale oil lamp.(crunched) and this glob top Cartan & McCarthy Co. That was it....You know, it never gets old seeing a bottle come out of the ground .

                                                                  After a quick rinse


  1. Great find. Seems like more bottles are being found with a detector everyday. Keep swinging that detector
    - rs -

  2. Is that white stuff snow? HMMMM time to get up in to the high country again! Looks like a pristine CM fifth. Beautiful. DM

    1. Its not snow, the grounds dry. It is decomposing mulch, about 4 to6 inch's deep. Fifth is prefect, no problems. Super crude, loads of whittle and lots of bubbles. Bird wire of glass down the inside of neck. One of the crudest fifths I have dug.