Tuesday, April 28, 2015

American Bottle Auction 61 Reviews

Here are two reviews of the latest American Bottle Auction #61
Bruce Silva's over at Western Whiskey Gazette
And American Bottle Auction's Jeff Wichmann's review
Interesting reading - rs -


  1. One of the most interesting bottles in the recent auction. This bottle exhibited all of the unique features that I look for in early western manufactured bitters. I seriously wanted this example for my collection as they are very difficult to acquire. I've owned seven Rosenbaums examples, the large size variant is the oldest embossed square style bottle, first being brought to the western market in September 1864. The Rosenbaums Bitters product was advertised back in 1858 but was packaged in containers with labels only for the first six years of marketing it. Although only one mould seems to have been manufactured for the making of the large variant, there are features found that are distinctly unique to other early blown western bitters which were also found on some large Rosenbaums examples. This green variant has all of them, and what a fantastic example it is!

  2. Gorgeous square...I have only seen one other western version in this color in a Reno collection. The Virginia N. was beautiful too and I chased it until I cried "uncle". Overall a good auction though there were no western medicines represented. Prices seemed strong and the Slack was a shocker at almost $4k. DM

  3. I know the example you speak of. I've only come across eight additional examples in all my years of research / collecting.

  4. Warren is the prevalent color of the eight western blown large Rosenbaums you have seen a yellowish olive? The few I have seen were that color with one being an old golden amber, and the two grass green. Thanks, DM

  5. There were two grass green, two light yellow (could have a slight greenish tint), two amber (yours and a light golden) and two yellow green examples.