Monday, April 13, 2015

Sacramento FOHBC Expo 2016

I am currently assisting Richard Siri in booking seminars for the 2016 Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors (FOHBC) Expo which will be held in Sacramento on August 4-7. As show chairman, Richard has a huge task ahead of him, and I am hoping some of you will be able to help him, even in a small way. I am inviting anyone who has special knowledge of bottles and glass to participate in heading up a talk (we are calling them seminars) that may have interest to fellow collectors or students of glass. Many of you carry a vast amount of unique knowledge that could be lost forever, so now is your chance. I especially invite those of you whose interest is West Coast in nature. After all, this is a Western Region Expo and we need to show the rest of the country what we know about our own region. I don't mean to belittle subject matter that is not western in nature, as this is a national event, and all parts of the nation and world are invited to participate. I do believe that seminars are under-rated at bottle shows, and the annual Expo is really the best way - notwithstanding this excellent blog site, to communicate in such a great interactive environment.

Seminars could include showcasing bottles in your collection, either by example or photograph. One could simply talk about memorable digging events, either in photograph or tale. One could present a talk with a focus on one or a few businesses that used bottles. And, of course, one could showcase a particular class of bottles, such as ink, beer, soda, whiskey, etc. For those who have visited a number of glass or bottle displays, a talk about different museums and what they have to offer, would be a fascinating subject. Showing examples of bottle related paper items and advertising is always an interesting subject. Another idea could be an interactive discussion about a bottle related subject of your choosing, and you would simply be a facilitator. Or, just be creative. There are far more possibilities than I can think of.

I also believe that a full range, from academic to humorous should be offered. The FOHBC Board maintains the right to reject any seminar proposals that are not in keeping with their own values and what it perceives is best for the FOHBC, but I wouldn't expect people to get too crazy.

I hope you can all appreciate the value of having such an event here in California and I invite all of you to consider adding an interesting dimension to the Expo by giving a talk on a subject . There are only five spots left, so I suggest you respond in a timely manner.

Eric McGuire
Contact me by email at -  etmcguire (at)

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