Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oakland Glass Works

I just received a mail from Dale and Barbara Santos with a couple of pictures of an Oakland Glass Works demijohn.

"This demijohn is about 15 inches in height and is light pink in color"
"They come in a darker pink color as well as amber, I am always looking for more !!!! Kind regards," Dale and Barbara Santos.
Here's an interesting article from the September 24, 1884 Daily Alta California newspaper confirming that OGW blew demijohns along with other bottles.  Note that they were using sand from Monterey and also blowing fruit jars. I, personally, have never seen an OGW fruit jar. I wonder if they are as crude if the rest of the OGW bottles that I have seen?
If anyone has any OGW's that they would like posted send the pictures along to
Thanks - rs -

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