Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Upcoming 49er HBA Show and Sale Display

Hi Rick,
Would you post this on the Western Bitters News site.

This year the 49er club will be having our show at roseville fairgrounds December 5 and 6.  One of the displays several of us are jointly working on is of Pacific Glass works star base embossed bottles.  They were primarily made from 1864 to 1875 at Pacific Glass works.  Some others were made at San Francisco and Pacific Glass works after they merged in 1875.  We are hoping that anyone with examples of these bottles will bring them to share or display.  If you wish to display in our group display space contact Max Bell at 530-823-3315.  Space is limited.
Western Star base whiskey
A bushel of bases
whiskies...whiskies everywhere


  1. Those PGW cylinders are fantastic pieces of glass! The pic of them all standing on their tops upside down makes me cringe though! Looks scary! Dale M.

  2. Ohhhh, now I get it! Pic taken from UNDER the glass table? beautiful sixths, and I cannot wait to see these colors! Dale M.

  3. I'll pay the first person who comes forward at least $10 per "ray" for any 1860's star-base Sixth at the Roseville show....so that means if you have one with 18 rays (*), I'll pay at least $180, no matter the color or crudity (assuming condition is near mint or better). If it's green, has swirling striations, or is exceptionally crude, I'll double that amount! And if I'm not interested, perhaps Max or Andrew will also want to buy it?!?!

    I'm simply looking for 1 or 2 nice examples. Max & Andrew: My offer extends you guys as well if you have any duplicate examples. Thanks!

    So bring what you have to the show and we can have a real star-base western whiskey party!


  4. It would also be great to see some labeled western sixths as well, if anyone has any they can bring?

    It seems the early sixths were used just as often for bitters, cordials, syrups and brandy, as they were for old bourbon & whiskey. Of course labels don't provide definitive proof, as they could've been relabeled several times, for multiple purposes, or decades later. However, one need look no further than some of the very obvious embossed sixths like the Livingston's Blackberry Brandy, Chevalier's Ginger Brandy, Ratafia Damiana (Bitters), Chalmers Catawba Wine Bitters, etc. And how about the contents that were put into the Evan's & O'Brien sixths? All the while, others are more straightforward like the Jockey Club Whiskey.

    It seems the sixth was as desirable back then for its utility, as they are admired now for their beauty :)

  5. Scratch the Chalmers. Fifth, just somewhat unique that it's a cylinder bitters...