Thursday, October 30, 2014

Circle Cutter

Here is a recently dug "Circle Cutter" with the plain reverse shoulder. These earliest of the circle Cutter's are seen in many colors from olive tones, yellow's, and every shade of amber. The key on these is a bold embossing pattern with the "jewels" on the crown being well defined. I enjoyed the Cutter "shootout" a couple of years ago in Reno which showcased these pieces of western history. Have any other new finds of this bottle occurred this year? I picked up a deep chocolate example at the Canyonville show last month with a freakishly large top, and a super strongly embossed golden amber one at last year's Roseville show. Since my California embossed cylinder digging success has been so poor compared to other diggers, I treasure the circle Cutter's I have dug over the years. Let's see some more! DM

Hey Rick,
just wondering if you would add this to Dale's post. the one on the right is a really nice light yellow olive amber with an excellent strike lots of jewels. I love collecting these first variant circle cutters, very early have lots of crudity and are usually pretty affordable. Hotaling sure put out some wonderful bottles!
Regards Kelly P
Thanks Kelly for the pics these killer fifths I also love the early Circle Cutters!
Mr. A.P Hotaling

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