Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Labeled spice


I've got a reasonable handful of Western spices in my collection. An H.C. Hudson & Co. in green with a pouring spout molded into the lip. A green D. Ghirardelli & Co I found at a Mountain View estate sale on Pioneer Avenue many years ago. As well as this label-only example I acquired a couple-three years ago. Sorry couldn't locate my pics of the Hudson and Ghirardelli examples just now. Way too many SD cards.


Ira Marden, 212 Sacramento , S. F.

Crocker Langley directory 1876.

Here's the early listing with the proper partnership. I found the partnership dating back into the 1860's!

Thanks to Bruce Silva for the research and advertisements

Here's another labeled spice from the Louie Pellegrini collection

This is one I have never heard of... and from San Jose - Wow!
Guess we better turn Bruce loose to research this one.... 

Thanks to Lordbud, Bruce Silva, and Louie Pellegrini
My grandma's (from Lucca Italy) maiden name was Pellegrini - rs -

And a few labeled food bottles from American Bottle Auctions



  1. Nice labeled spice. The western foods sure don't get the respect they deserve.
    Can't quite make out the company name but I can see it was located on Sacramento Street in S.F.
    Any other spices out there with labels? Send em' along and I will post them.
    - rs -

  2. That's cool to hear about your pour-spout lipped spice !! I found the top of one like that last yr, and have never seen any other pcs or intact examples of any other with that type of lip finish. Not sure if the broken example I found was embossed or not. I didnt see any embossed pcs, even though I did save just the top since it was so unusual.